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Handgun Radio 392 – Ten Years of Handgun Radio!

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world!

This week, we talk about a whole ten years of Handgun Radio!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: – Made some teriyaki jerky smoked over hickory pellets. 

-Ten years of Handgun Radio!

-Second round of bacon; it was good but not perfect.

-Found my grandfathers blank gun & tear gas gun he bought in Germany when he was in the Army in the 1950’s 

-Found a pic of my old car, JustinOpinion will like this i think!


That is amazing!

Thanks – probably what I love doing most.


The Ben Franklin gang


Weerd: Listener Matt Contacted me asking about pocket holster recommendations.


Springfield Armory Echelon launch

Working on a GunsAmerica review of the Henry Big Boy revolver

Drink Segment:

The Tennessee Three:

George Dickle Bottle In Bond

Jack Daniels Bottle in Bond

George Dickle Rye

Main Topic:

HGR 001 – BUG Guns

HGR 048 – Hamilton Bowen interview

HGR 051 – An interview with Joe Mantegna, Host of “Gun Stories”

HGR 061 – Bulletproof Tech with Doc Wesson

HGR 067 – A Discussion With Evil Roy & Cowboy Action Shooting

HGR 172 – A Brief History of Custom Handguns & Competition with Daniel Watters

HGR 199 – New, Surplus & Other Handguns with Justin Opinion Channel!

HGR 201 – Commercial 1911 Production History with Daniel Watters

HGR 225 – 1890’s Loadouts with Hickok45 & John

HGR 230 – History of Detonics with Daniel Watters

HGR 259 – Revolver FAQ with Grant Cunningham

HGR 315 – An Interview with NYPD Detective Ralph Friedman

HGR 316 – The Automag with Justin Opinion 

HGR 338 – Lubriplate with Grant Cunningham

HGR 366 – Manhattan Loadout Contest

HGR 370 – Ridiculous Guns

Whose photos are these? From Bowens website

Wrap Up:

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Until Next Week, Have fun and Safe Shooting!!!