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Podcasting is storytelling. Let us tell your story.

Podcast ads work. Gun / outdoors podcast ads work great!

During his tenure, FRN owner, Shawn Herrin has successfully worked with many companies on bringing their messages to podcast audiences. Check out the stats below from “Ad Results Media”, regarding podcast advertising. 

According to the Super Listeners 2021 report, Podcast ads are the most recalled type of ad – with 86% of respondents saying they remember seeing or hearing an ad.  Social Media has 80% and websites 79%.

Remember hearing or seeing an ad
Podcasts 86%
Social Media 80%
Websites 79%

Podcast listeners also scored high in terms of engagement with ads, as well as responsiveness with 76% of listeners saying they’ve taken action after hearing a podcast ad, which could include visiting a site, making a purchase, or taking out a subscription.

Listeners saying they’ve taken action after hearing a podcast ad
Podcasts 76%

With podcast ads, you get more than 3 – 6 seconds to tell your story.  In a recent study of regular podcast listeners, only 12% said that they always skip ads.  In fact, 33% of respondents said that they “never or rarely” skip ads and 38% said “only sometimes”.

Listeners that always skip ads
Podcasts 12%
Never or rarely skip ads
Podcasts 33%
only sometimes skip ads
Podcasts 38%

64% of podcast listeners say that they welcome and appreciate advertising on podcasts and are grateful to the brands that support their favorite shows. – via Ad Results Media

Listeners that welcome and appreciate advertising / grateful to brands for supporting
Podcasts 64%

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