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ZERT Coffee & Chaos 63 – Conquering Adversity: The Art of Task Management

How many times have you woken up with a plan to tackle the day and then within 30 minutes that entire plan goes sideways?  How did you handle that hurdle and did it break the rest of the list to the point that you couldn’t get any other tasks accomplished?  Well, if you have then you are not alone.  Today we take a dip into the water on how we manage these types of situations.  What works best for us may not work for you or you may have a fool proof plan to stay on task.  A very popular event that outlines this type of situation is the battle of Mogadishu.  One of the most intense ways to hear that story is from someone that was there.  If you get the chance to read Leadership In The Shadows by Kyle Lamb you will understand it a little more.  Thank you for listening and please provide some feedback on this episode.