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ZERT Coffee & Chaos 033 – Panic Buying Or Filling In Some Holes

On the show today we continue off where we left off on the last show after seeing some familiar trends over the last week and hearing some feedback from some of the show’s listeners. When the social media outlets start talking about shortages, specifically with ammunition, it starts to look familiar. Over the last week we have seen reports of ammo plants shutting off commercial contracts to primer plants experiencing a fatal accident. Tack this on to the situation overseas and Americans fearing what might be coming and you see panic buying start to occur. Prepared people shouldn’t have to run out and get more ammunition or survival gear, because they should already have it. They may restock a couple of items but that’s about it. Learning a lesson from the craziness of 2020 & 2021 should be apparent right now. If you missed the signs back then, make sure you are paying attention now.