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ZERT Coffee & Chaos 032 – Being Prepared Starts Now & With You

Thank you for tuning in again. Things are happing right now across the globe that are alarming and should be paid attention to by all of us. We have been talking about this over many weeks and what it means to be a survivalist in today’s society. You may think you are the only one or people are too scared to talk about the survivalism movement, but you are not alone. Understand what it means to be prepared and where to start. Have a way to defend yourself and your family. Have medical supplies and training to provide aid to those that need it. Hone your skills that will be assets in a time of need. This episode is about bringing into the light what it REALLY means to be prepared and how to start it off. Talk to your family, your friends and your neighbors and make a plan. Stay safe out there and dont’ be a resupply for someone else!