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ZERT Coffee & Chaos 10 – Viking Tactics Singleton CQB AAR With Paul & Ivan From ZERT

Last week we had an opportunity to head up the Sig Academy in New Hampshire and take a single person CQB class taught by Kyle Lamb & Chili Palmer from Viking Tactics and Kevin Holland. This was a 2 day class and it was all scenario based with UTM ammunition and basically taught you how to be the 1 man, 2 man, 3 man and 4 man when clearing a room by yourself. This training was intense and something that I would do again and keep doing in order to add the right tools to my toolbox. In this episode we dive into the back story of two long time ZERT members, one of which is a PA state POC and the other is a ZERT Instructor. Listen to 2 guys who have taken a bunch of training talk about what it was like to learn something new and from a point of view they had never thought about before. We talk about the community and family aspect of what ZERT is and what the future holds! Thank you for listening and supporting the show.