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We Like Shooting Unloaded 025-Cole-Tac

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Welcome to WLS Unloaded

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My name is Shawn Herrin, And our Guest is Dustin Coleman from Cole-TAC


I started Cole-TAC with my wife in our spare bedroom. We offer a wide range of soft goods that we manufacture in our own USA locations. With everything from suppressor covers to bags and pouches, we continue to try and innovate while standing by what has allowed us to grow to this point. I am an engineer by education and had a couple of different jobs within the firearms industry. This endeavor has allowed me to branch out on my own as well as employ a small team. I am looking forward to continuing to offer new products and developing new manufacturing techniques right here in the US.


I really enjoy long range shooting. Whether it be competitions or hunting, I enjoy the blend of science and shooting. As of lately, we have been working on some neat gear that is used for nighttime fun. Really in the end I am a Gun nut, so I will love to talk about any and all things that go bang.



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