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We Like Shooting Unloaded 010 – Hellbent_Jessi

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Welcome to WLS Unloaded, 

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My name is Shawn Herrin, And our Guest is Jessi of Hellbent Holler. 


Appalachian Noir, Adventure and High Strangeness. 

My name is Jessi. I was born and raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina, but when my wanderlust took hold I escaped to the Deep South. I spent 10 years in New Orleans, in and out of bars, swamps and graveyards. Eventually I became homesick for the mountains, trees and endless adventure of a darkened wood. It was time to leave the sirens, grime and crime behind. Along with my partner Joe, I moved back to Appalachia and began seeking out the mysteries and legends that still live in the hills we call home. Using the latest gear and equipment, we travel deep into the forests of Appalachia to gather evidence of the weird, strange and supernatural that roams this ancient slice of heaven.. I have had both informal and formal survival/outdoors training and have actually been invited to become a junior instructor with a South Carolina based survival school. I am a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment and am a strong believer in the importance of being armed while in the outdoors conducting my research.

Gear Chat: 

We use a variety of equipment in the course of our research… We carry Glock 10mm pistols (a 20 and 29) as well as a Mossberg Shockwave. We use Garmin InReach Mini’s for personal locator beacons and strongly advocate the use of PLBs for people involved in many outdoor activities. A favorite piece of gear is the Hill People Gear Recon Chest Rig, which we use to carry our firearms and equipment. I am a knife nut, carrying anything from ESEE knives to classic American knives such as my Westmark 701.


IG: @hellbentjessi


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