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WLS Double Tap 326 You Better Laugh

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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 326! Your guides through the fascinating world of firearms and all things pewpew are Jeremy Pozderac, Dr. Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and Shawn Herrin. Get ready for a night of lively discussion as they tackle an array of #DearWLS questions, covering everything from the intricacies of piston systems to confronting the wild world of firearm sales misinformation. It’s a rollercoaster ride from pondering concealed carry in Minecraft to the mysteries of shorter slides and their impact on recoil. Plus, a heartwarming dilemma involving a cherished family heirloom. And don’t miss the latest in firearms news, including 3D printed full-auto suppressors and the enigmatic M16-A5 Clone. Join in the fun, submit your questions, and stay tuned for the winner of the night’s challenge. It’s all right here on Double Tap episode 326 of We Like Shooting Double Tap.

Our CAST is Dr. Aaron Krieger, Jeremy Poz and my name is Shawn Herrin


Greg H:

Help! I short stroked my long piston and now my SIG 556 wont work. Can you please have Aaron describe the differences between long stroke and short stroke piston guns so Jeremy can berate him with the correct answer and help me get out of this conundrum. Just kidding,


Good evening my fellow pewpew enthusiasts (said with an atf slur). Today I was doing a delivery to a pawn shop that is notorious for carrying the widest selection of guns (new and used) and ammo in town. I overhead a customer asking about the difference in specs between two pistols to which the salesman response was “well this one is a Taurus so it’s super reliable and the other one may have qc issues”. I looked over their way when I came out of the back room and saw they were comparing a smaller Taurus pistol and a glock. Ffs, why can’t people in the gun sales realm not be re-res?!?! I virtually don’t go to any local gun stores because crap like this. O wish we could publicly shame them some how. Yes Jeremy, I know this doesn’t happen at your store…..

But seriously, how can we as gun owners help change these lies spread by those who should know the things?

One last thought, how many times do you think an average human takes a crap in their lifetime and do you think Nick is a 9 or 10 times that?

#wlsislife #canwereplacesavageyet #whyisaaronapos

Jon M: 

JW how many times in Minecraft do you break gun carry gun laws like the 30:06/30:07 and/or no gun signs people put up. Example my local movie theater has signs and I always carry in that bitch. Also my theater is in Minecraft just fyi


Hey guys love the show. I recently finished my 18in spr build and was told that I shouldn’t only have one AR. Been looking at a few companies and was really curious on y’all’s thoughts about palmetto State Armory’s AR platform as a gun to train and put a good about off rounds through. Seen some mixed reviews of them and thought this might be good to talk about for some of the newer listeners like me who were also looking at a training gun. Thank you guys.

Gabe H:

Double tap trivia. Loser has to eat a can of surströmming.

I dare ye.

Tanner S: 

I run a MBUS Pro rear and a LT100 ACOG mount on my rifle. That leaves T12 and T13 on the Upper receiver open for an offset mount for an RMR. I would like to run the Arisaka mount but it would require an additional 1913 slot that I do not have so that both recoil lugs and the clamp bolt will fit.

My question, would it be stupid if I shave off a recoil lug flush so that that part of the mount can fit over the flat part towards the front of the receiver? In my mind I think it should be fine since it will be left with one recoil lug and the clamp. This is my SHTF 20in 5.56 rifle so it’s not going to see a bunch of felt recoil however I want it to be reliable.

TL;DR: Is Bubba’ing a second recoil lug off an offset mount leaving the clamp bolt and one other recoil lug a good or bad idea so it fits on my upper?

Sorry for the ‘tism and thanks in advanced!

Graham W: 

Does a shorter slide/ barrel lead to more or less recoil? While a 9mm is not much to begin with, I can’t help but be curious. When I shoot my p320 with a full sized (4.7”) barrel it feels softer than when I shoot with my subcompact (3.6”). Is this a matter of recoil spring weight, slide mass, dwell time or something else? Thanks guys

Trucker Matt:

This is actually two questions: first, which cast members would be the most and least attractive if all of you (including Savage) decided to transition to female?

Second, in a societal collapse scenario, would you rather have firearms that you shoot exceptionally well with but aren’t as common, or firearms that you shoot just okay with but are much more common, allowing for sharing of mags and parts with friends and allies as well as battlefield pick-ups? I shoot really well with my CZ P-07 and Glock 21, but they’re decidedly less common than Glock 19’s and S&W M&P 9mm pistols.

Also, sorry for calling you all ladyboys a few weeks ago. Got my podcasts confused with my co-driver’s PornHub search history.

DukeOfCrude: Hey fam,

I have an OG Winchester 1895 lever action in 30-40 krag and I cannot decide what to do with it. Gun was part of my grandpas collection and ammo is hella expensive (75$/box). It’s a neat gun ,but I just sits as a safe queen. I don’t have a terrible financial need to get rid of it, but it could pay for some other projects. I feel odd about selling it though as I wouldn’t be able to buy another one. I know this question probably aimed more at Jeremy or Nick, but I would like to have all of your input.

If you had a gun that wasn’t a deer rifle, wasn’t your first response kit, ammo expensive, gun has collector value, but it still reminds you of your grandpa or a loved one, what would you do?. I posted a picture to the discord group in 9/27 of my grandpa posing with it right before we took him to Alaska.

Thanks for all you do!

Duke of Crude


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