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WLS Double Tap 321 – Dorsal Tones

This show is brought to you by Brownells!

Join us tonight as we answer your questions, and talk about the Rifle Caliber Pistols, Optics, and Nightvision on episode 321 of We Like Shooting Double Tap.

Our CAST is Nick Lynch, Aaron Krieger, Jeremy Poz and my name is Shawn Herrin


Matt G: 

I know that Shawn has rights to prema nocta as cult leader. For his wedding were the cult Elders given the right of prima nocta over him? Jeramy, did you tap that before Shawn at his wedding?

Sam H: 

Not a question, more PSA. Botach.Com pulled an Opticsplanet on me. Placed and order for a A300 Patrol on May 30th. After 3 weeks of prying customer service they admitted it’ll ship when they receive a shipment. In the 2 months since my order I’ve been notified twice A300 Patrols are back in stock on their website. Customer service’s answer to how this could be, it’ll ship when they get a shipment. At least on Optics Planet I can tell when things are back ordered and estimated to ship.

Okay, maybe I’m just vending. They haven’t charged me. And their price is lower than other websites. But some transparency and courtesy would be nice. Maybe the question is am I being a bitch? Jeremy, no need to answer.


Why no astriek then: I bought a Christensen arms pistol in 6.5 creedmoor for 800 without a brace. So until I can use one of those bad things. What optic should I use? I have a tism so red dots not great. Have a cheap Bushnell scout scope was thinking of using but was looking at other ideas. I am a pour so say sub 300 dollars. Still haven’t taken off break but will be using a silencer if that matters. Also been thinking about upgrading to a better rifle scope after my budget recovers from this compulsive pistol purchase thinking sub $500 on the rifle scope. Problem is my hunting is sub 309 yards most shots under 209 yards and even if I set up targets might get a 600 yard range in the pasture. Why I have never splurged on a scope but thinking it might be time to try something other then Burris fullfield2 and the like.

Kyle A

I am planning on building a 300 blackout truck gun and came across the HM Defense integrally suppressed upper. I already have a 30 cal can and liked the idea of having a one tax stamp gun. Do you have any experience with these or any of the integrally suppressed uppers? Radical, gemtech, etc. How hard are they to clean? Expected round count? Also HM defense has the monoblock barrel with the gas block machined into the barrel? Good idea or over kill? Great show, keep up the hard work.

Thank you

Justin B

I have been looking into night vision and could use some pointers. I’m just a normal middle class dude saving up for a pvs 14 the more I look into it the more confusing it gets and the prices are intimidating considering I’m a poor and I’ve never even looked threw it. What are some trust worthy company’s to buy from? I don’t have to have the best but I still want to be able to keep up with other people in a class. And helmets? Is hard headed veterans a good option or should I pay for team Wendy or opscore? What mounts are good? As always thanks for the help.

John B: 

I have the Sig P320 with their red dot, I checked with Sig and they said my gun did not to be sent in for the “upgrade” as it was manufactured after the date of the issue they were having.

It has only been reliable for me, easily 1500 rounds through it, but given the issues they’ve been having, I’m not sure I would carry this gun any longer. Do you know if any of the guns Sig has had issues with are ones they’ve upgraded or currently produced? Would any of you carry a P320 given its history or am I just being overly cautious?

I really appreciate you all and the show.

Eric L:

A question regarding Cerakote – If I wanted to send my pistol off to get coated. Would they disassemble the FCU and coat each little part? The stuff that matters… Don’t care a whole lot obviously if there’s some minor pitting or surface blem on some of the exterior surface. It’s gonna work, won’t pretty but Idc, nothing about me will ever be pretty. Though I do want it to look cool. It’s the little springs and detents, crevices and such (that are hard to see and get to) that get the moisture accumulation. The back plate, the baseplate on the mags, the inards of the exposed controls, all of that shit.

I don’t have to tell anyone how hot this summer has been and I go home and wring out my clothes and pistol everyday. I’m at the point where I just pack my carry piece with grease like a god damn wheel bearing just to keep out sweat, rain and the many other sources of moisture I get living in a swamp. Yes I live in a swamp. (“Moist, so moist, it’s really moist. Moist Moisture.) Mostly… Mostly.

So for anybody that actually read/listened this far:

1) Do/will they coat the small interior components?

2) How does one go about maintaining a pistol properly in such unforgiving conditions? [While being a little bit retarded]

3) Why?

Thank guys, Savage1r is a gay squirrel.


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