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WLS Double Tap 305 – Nicks Schtick

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Join us tonight as we answer your questions and talk about 400 Legend, 30 super and more on WLS Double Tap Episode 305

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn herrin. 

Dear WLS 

Vince H: 

Can we talk about how bad the marketing roll out for the 30 SuperCarry was. I’m not normally one to get caught up in marketing as I think turds in this space get found out in the end, but comparing your new carry cartridge to the 9mm is dumb as hell considering their tag line was basically “it’s not as good!”

This is especially so when you are pushing a cartridge with the recoil of the 380, better muzzle velocity than 380, and the magazine capacity of the 32 acp. Those two cartridges will be here for years to come, but going forward any time you might pick a 380 the 30 super would almost always be a better choice. Imagine a p365 Macro in 30 super. That might even give the 9mm version a run for it’s money, but fuckin no, they had to go for it all and now it’s languishing because it caught no one’s attention as a “not as good” 9mm. Thoughts?

Ralph L: 

June 8th is the anniversary of the 56th anniversary of the U.S.S. Liberty attack, during which Israeli fighter jets opened fire on an American naval intelligence vessel off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula, killing 34 service members and wounding 171. After the gunfire from the jets, torpedos followed and eyewitnesses claim that Israeli commandos in helicopters were standing by ready to board before the attack was finally called off. Question is: you’re an Israeli commando team member given the task of boarding a ship and finishing off possible witnesses; what is your carbine, pistol, and knife/melee loadout?

Alex W: 

Hi. Do any of you have experience with Styer’s 9mm pistols? They look nice but i don’t know about their track record.

James D: 

what do the guys think of the holosun pid pistol light.

Mitch B: 

Just saw the new Gemtec upper made specifically made for suppressors. Was wondering if you guys have any hands on with it or know anything besides what I can find on the interwebs?

Joe J: 

Was Jeremy a mechanic in the marine corps? All marines I know post Vietnam were just mechanics with guns. Sounds like my local diesel shop or my garage. Thoughts on the 6.5prc? Why is savage the voice for handgun radio?

Zachary V: 

Do you have any suggestions for a spotting scope? Also looking at laser range finders as well. Spotting scope is for range use only to a distance of 500 yds for seeing where shots hit. Laser range finder is double duty for bow hunting and also shooting guns at unknown distances.

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