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We Like Shooting Double Tap 240 – Fist Sized

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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 239, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!

#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

Pepper lay


“Brian D: 

I have multiple ARs all in 5.56 because I’m pretty much an AR fudd and only have ARs for self defense and or civil unrest. I have nothing Gucci, I outfit 1 specifically for night time fun and have a SF weapon light with IR head and an Aimpoint. I’ve set up 2 others very similarly. My others are a hodge podge of quadrails and with sig or primary arms Reddots and stream light weapon lights.But lately I’ve been considering selling a few and getting top of line accessories for 1 or 2 guns. Is variety the spice of life? Do I really need a closet full of mid tier ARs?

Just FYI since Jeremy will yell, my definition of mid tier is a Sionics/SOLGW/Colt (older Colt) lower paired with a DD RIS ii upper, Sionics upper or a Geissele 11.5 urgi, using an aimpoint PRO with a SF weapon light and an OTAL C IR for night stuff. Also, Aaron, I’m happy to hear you want to do the Tactical Games, fucking do it man. I was on the fence after multiple arm surgeries and then once I got back in the gym Covid hit so everything closed. If I may offer unwarranted advice, go do some CrossFit. I hate CrossFit, but those were the people that were able to perform the “battles” much more fluidly due to the use of compound movements. There were CrossFit teams there just to give you an idea of who attends. I went to the Range Complex in NC. Sadly they won’t have it there this year but it’ll be in Ohio not far from the PA border. Please update us on your training and I’d love to shake your hand at the event and tell you how much I hate when you eat during the podcast and say dumb liberal shit.

Seriously tho it’d be cool to see you there. If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them with my limited knowledge.

Thanks guys, d*cks perpetually out for Harambe, SSB, yes Jeremy we know you have a machine gun.”

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# Not Guns

Family Fudd


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