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We Like Shooting Double Tap 236 – S.M.U.T

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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 236, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!

#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

Lawn Darts but from a plane


Nova U

Currently living in Arizona but my wife and I would like to move somewhere with cooler weather.. Whats it like where you guys live, how’s the weather, and how do people around you react to the firearms industry? Im working on Associates degree through Sonoran Desert Institute so I can hopefully have a better chance of working on firearms wherever I go.

You guys are awesome, love listening to you guys! Ps. You followed me on Instagram the night I listened to your podcast for the first time.. kinda creepy, but cool at the same time.”

Laura H

Absolutely not a question, and major spoiler alert, but if Spider-Man would have had some training and got a kit from Medical Gear Outfitters, then maybe aunt May wouldn’t have died…just saying

#WLSislife #Pozforprez”

The Mandolinian

Whilst talking about Bower’s group tonight, it occurred to me that I would like to put a can on one of my ARs. The question is, is it a simple matter of unscrewing the A1 comp that is on the rifle and screwing the can on, or is there more to it than that? Show gets one square because savage is the only square on the show. Four skull and crossbones for the rest.

Ines C

What size caliber should I get as a female first time hunter of small stature? I am new to shooting and recoil sensitive but still want take game ethically.

Mitch B

I’m not sure if you guys have mentioned it but I’ve heard negative reviews about the Walther Creed. I have one it was cheap but not high point cheap. I’ve put at least a thousand rounds thru it and have never had a failure of any kind. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on it. ( I can easily hit a 12” steel plate at a 100yrds with irons).

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# Not Guns

What would be your Fighter Pilot Callsign 


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