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Double Tap 361 – KeYS

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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 361! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


Tonight we’re going to talk about:

Policy and Powder




Dependable Don: 

Why don’t the Ohio fans have a catchy name like the Michigan meat ponies? I vote to name them the Ohio orifice packers. Sent by a member of the Georgia gash goons.


Phillip C: Took your advise and scored a great deal on a blem mat-9 upper. Built it with an aero Glock lower and added a 1913 aluminum strut sb tactical brace. Love the gun it is one of my new favorite additions to the stable. My question when not folded in backpack mode what would be your ideal sling setup for this pistol on longer range days. Never been a fan of the single point bungee nutt knockers but keep coming back to this solution. Thank your for input you guys keep me sane on long hours sitting in sidings on the railroad. Keep your powder dry and ssb tight. WLS is family 5 squares.


Denny E: 

I am looking to purchase a Baretta A300 ultima patrol. What would be a good light, and optic combo for this set up? I recently heard Jerambe talk up the meprolite m21, would a fiber optic and tritium sight like this be a good option?


Kyle R:

 Is there a set amount of time a person needs to live at their current residence to buy a suppressor? All the talk of suppressors you guys do makes me very sad to live/work/have family in a state they are illegal. I own a property in a free state for retirement plans. If I were to “move” there and continue working in my fascist state could I, in theory, purchase one to keep down there? I know this sounds nefarious as hell, and “this is not legal advice”, but I just want to have these toys while I’m young. I also don’t see these last 8 states ever giving in to allowing suppressors.


A-in-your-face WLS is Life: 

What happened to the SwampFox RV? Is it dead and gone, will it come back one day? I remember some updates on trying to fix the flame throwers and then it all died off.


AJ from the Slapaho Tribe: 

I’ve heard cast members discuss VR headsets and apps/games they’ve enjoyed in VR. How would the cast feel about having a Cult VR game night? There are several fun and well done first person shooter VR games for the Quest 2/3. Pavlov VR or Contractors could be a good fit for this. Contractors Showdown is a new battle royal FPS VR game that could also work. Pavlov has very accurate weapon handling and loading and has a Counter Strike feel to it. Contractors and Contractors Showdown seems more Call of Duty. I really enjoy the single player Shoot house and firing range in Pavlov and have spent many hours practicing and playing with the different fire arms it offers. Although nothing compares to real world range time it gives me the ability to practice at home for free, and I have noticed some improvement when I do have the opportunity to make to my local range. Though this might be a fun idea for the cast and the cult to sling let, talk a little trash, and have some fun.


Nick F: Hypothetical, the aliens finally land. They ask you to play them a song and the fate of the entire world depends on your selection….. what do you play them?


Robert S: I just wanted to say I love the survey sticker. Hopefully I’ll get picked for one of the prize packs. I just bought two new guns and was wanting to hear the casts opinion on them. The first is a Steyr M9 A2 pistol which I got on sale for $375 and the other is a Tikka T1x in 17 Hmr. I have been wanting a 17 hmr and this looked like a nice one. Any thoughts on either of them. I love the show and can’t wait for new episodes.




Phillip C


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Wrap up 


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