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Double Tap 360 – Gimpeon Oddix

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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 360! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


John C: 

Just put together a 13.7 AR in 5.56. looking to get a direct thread can. since there is enough room past the handguard, looking for something with more girth than length. thats what she said. the closest one is called the “Fat-Cat” from YHM. since the height over bore is enough to accommodate a shorter, fatter can, with the same volume. why are there so few choices? am i missing options available, if so, what are they? what episode did you announce the survey winners?


Brian N: 

So here’s the question I do a lot of bike packing all over Michigan anywhere from the southern half up to Holland and up the coast

I carry a Springfield hellcat 9 mm

So the question is, would you carry a hollow point and then a hard cast the concern is some wildlife like Bears and people


Aiden S: 

Can I ear mark some of my cult membership for ozempic for a couple of the cast members ? Maybe some for Nick just cause.


Chris W: 

Hey guys, my girlfriend recently asked me how to shoot a gun. We went to the range for the first time and i tought her how to shoot my American heritage .22 revolver because its the smallest gun i own. She didn’t do terribly for her first time but she gets nervous before she pulls the trigger. She closes her eyes and flinches with anticipation of the shot. I was wondering how i can correct that so she can shoot better on our next range day.


Alex W: 

Hi y’all. Considering the military adoption of the Sig 6.8×51/277 Fury, do you think AR-10 barrels will become available for the round? I couldn’t find barrels and only one upper online for it from a company I’ve never heard of before (link included below). I would think it would be a fairly simple barrel swap and maybe a gas system adjustment. But, I’m no expert. Do y’all think it would be feasible?


D Ballzak: 

Good evening gents. The show often talks about Mitchell defense and how it’s the company’s experience and attention to quality that makes the rifle great. Where would a bohab start if they wanted to begin the process of making a crap rifle more accurate and reliable? Is there a “go-to” videos you people watch, when assembling a rifle? What’s the very first part you people change or polish? Thanks for the great shows and tons o laughs! You people mean are great!


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