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Double Tap 357 – Firearms Action Resource Team

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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 357! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


Tonight we’re going to talk about:

Policy and Powder



Brandt G: I know not all of you are into long-range shooting, but I would like to know what your longest shot to date is and what caliber/optic you used? Mine is 2645 yards on a 24” steel plate with a 338 lapua magnum and an 8-32 sightron scope.


Josh R: Message:

recently got my first suppressor after a 10 day approval time, its a 30cal can with a keymo hub, on occasion after some hard use and things begin to get dirty, as im trying to take the can off, the can itself will unscrew from the hub. What is the best way to prevent this? is it ok to use Loctite or rocksett on the hub as the can can be disassembled from the front of the can or just crank the hub down?


Lewis A: If I do a form 4 as a individual for a silencer and my wife uses it when I’m away say during a home invasion could she get in trouble?


Alex W: Hey y’all. Two part question.

  1. I remember a while back Jeremy was talking about wanting a gun quiet enough to deal with a home intruder without waking up his kids. I was wondering if he ever accomplished that?
  2. I would like to have a gun quiet enough to take a racoon (or a pedophile) off of a dumpster without my neighbors knowing what happened. I’d like it to be semi auto as well. The guns I currently have that I’d like to use would be either my 16 inch 5.56 AR, a 10mm glock, or a 9mm p365 xmacro. Do you think I could get any of those that quiet? If so, what suppressors/other mods would you recommend? If none of those guns would do the job, what would you suggest? I’d rather not get into a caliber I’m not already shooting. But I’d be willing to consider adding 300blk or 45 ACP to the menu.


Dr Scary Guy:

Hypothetical situation: If you won all the lotteries at once and suddenly had billions of dollars to start a gun rights advocacy group, what would you name the group? For example, I imagine Jeremy would start something like Never Infringe God-Given Rights, but then Aaron would mispronounce its acronym and then would start his own group, Firearm Individual Rights Every Day. I’m asking because I need to find a way to make a non-profit and leverage it to get discounts on guns and ammo. I need ideas for names. 


Ray Tard: Hi guys,

I’m going on my first hunting trip this year so I bought a sling for my bolt action rifle that utilizes the swivel studs and I was wondering if these types of slings just suck or if I’m retarded. The only purpose of the sling seems to be bracing for offhand shooting or draping it over one shoulder and hoping it doesn’t slide off. Why don’t bolt action guns have modern side attachments that stop the gun from dangling upside down when the sling is over your neck? Is there some purpose I’m missing or is this legacy fudd shit?


SeñorTHIC nJuicy: Hey…juicy boi here…what’s y’all’s opinion on patriot ordinance factory rifles, and also looking for a good edc preferably something compact…. And juicy


Anthony C: I just got a SOLGW stripped lower receiver for this build I am working on. Ended up going with the Geissele SSA-x with the lightning bow. I was told by a friend that you should never use anti rotate pins in a mil spect trigger. Also have another friend who worked in the industry and he swears by using the KNS Gen JJ anti rotate pins in any lower no matter the type of trigger. Im leaning towards the KNS kit but want to know if there are any pros or cons with anti rotate pin kits and when you should or shouldn’t use them


Winner: Ray Tard


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Wrap up 


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