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We Like Shooting 556 – Bananaman

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Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 556

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, Savage1R, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.

 Tonight we’re going to talk about: 

Gear Chat 

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 Aaron –

  1. Shawn – 
    1. Multi Reticle red dots
  2. Jerambe –  
  3. Savage1r – 
  4. Nick – 
  5. Guest – 

Bullet Points

This is stuff that is not product specific, concepts, stories, etc.

  1. Aaron – Kill me some varmints
  2. Shawn – 
    1. H9 Keyholing
      1. Not engaging the rifling?
    2. 80% Arms vs CA
    3. Range Buddy App updates
  3. Jerambe –  
  4. Savage1r – Grind-o-Tron 5000
  5. Nick – 
  6. Guest – 

Gun Fights​​


In honor of episode 556, what is the crew’s main AR these days. 

#Aaron’s Alley

Blackhawk Manufacturing Group

Going Ballistic

All news stories are brought to you by Pew Report! (code: WLSTRIAL for a free month!)

Summarize / Editorialize / Go to the cast for comments  


Alternate/optional stories:

Jeremy  Reads 

Five Stars from WestCoGuy: This podcast is just like hanging out with good friends and I think that is exactly how most people feel. Shawn is the friend that always planning all the stuff like camping trips, superbowl parties, or just a good ol cookout in the back yard. Aka the guy who thinks hes the leader of the group even though no ones cares if there even is a leader. Jeremy is that friend that you always want around if you get into a fight or just need some advise on how to change a drier plug cause for some damn reason the man knows more shit than anyone and you can never figure out why. Aaron is that friend that goes a little too far everytime your drinking but no matter what time a day or any situation he will be there to help you wether its to pick you up cause your car broke down or to help you when your wife inevitability leaves you. Nick is the comedian in the group super quiet but dang when he fires a joke off you are definitely laughing and of course will probably have little drops of knowledge that will get you thinking when you are trying to make decisions. Lets not forget about Savage because you probably did when you were gonna have a cookout this Saturday but forgot to invite him till that morning. Lets be honest here Savage is the reason yall are here today he started the friend group way back in highschool or even middle school and is just a dang good friend that is just a little to passionate about his hydroponics farm that you have heard about for 1 billionth time.

Five Stars from Don: The show that has stood the test of time. The crew are genuinely entertaining to listen to and approach subjects in a real way. The content never feels ‘bought off’ or skewed due to some corporate influence. I have made a number of purchase decisions based on their inputs and almost always it’s been a great resource. The entertainment quality is top notch as well and doesn’t get stale.

Five Stars from James: Not my proudest wank, but it got the job done. Do I keep coming back for more? Yes, and I don’t feel any guilt about that. Nick is just too pretty. 😘🤌

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