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WLS 507 – Chicken Talk

This show is brought to you by GunMag Warehouse!

Join us tonight as we talk about Antimatter Industries Scopeswitch, Ruger LC Charge, and more on episode 507 of the We Like Shooting Show. 

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, Savage1R, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.

Gear Chat 

  1. Aaron – The Shocker
  2. Shawn – Kitanica
  3. Jerambe –  Ruger LC Charger / new mG
  4. Nick – Antimatter Industries Scopeswitch

Gun Fights!

If you’d like to get in on the gunfight, go over to and find the post titled Gun Fights Poll Episode ___ stickied to the top of the page. Vote for the person you thought provided the best argument and they’ll win a bonus point next week. Leave a comment telling us what answer you would’ve chosen. If you have a question for gun fights, send me a PM on Reddit or Instagram, or send an email to


Standing up for everyone

#Aaron’s Alley

  • Connecticut Moves to Allow People to Defend Themselves from Bear Attacks

Going Ballistic

Five Stars from Bill P: 

You guys continue to pump out great episodes week after week.

When I first started listening, couldn’t understand why Jeremy was always a dick to Aaron. After the third episode, I couldn’t figure out why Jeremy hadn’t driven over her to Michigan, kick-fucked Aaron to death, then smiled at the jury when his charges were read. All he’d have to do is play about 45 seconds of Aaron’s autistic screeches and all charges would be dropped. Hell, he might even have a civil case against Aaron’s family for psychological damages.

The latest episodes with Jon (aka TGC Beardy McBearderstein) have been incredibly informative as he and Jeremy just bring so much firearms knowledge to the table it’s insane.

I do like the fact that Shawn et al won’t shill for bullshit companies but have the 3 bullet-point requirements before you’ll let them be a sponsor. I think back to all the groups that sold Big Daddy Unfuckyoulimited with zeal. Only person I saw actually apologize for that Ponzi bullshit was Jon, so props to him.

Keep bringing the good info; keep allowing only good sponsors (I’ve spent Canada’s GDP on Nutrient Survival); and keep the humor dark.

Five Stars from BJS: 

Having John Patton on the show is great. Please fire Aaron and bring John on permanently.

Five Stars from Q Cooper: 

Great show with a knowledgeable cast. My one gripe is that I now have to defend Aaron, according to the International Chili Society there are two types of chili, red and green, they are made of red or green peppers, meat, spices and sauce, no beans. The Chili Appreciation Society International also forbids beans from their competitions classifying them as a filler like macaroni or rice. So Aaron is right.

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