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WLS 489 – Seat at the Table

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Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 489 

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, Savage1R, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.


Gear Chat 

  1. Aaron – Live Long and Prosper
  2. Shawn – AutoLive Battery Cap
    1. Electromagnetic brujeria story
  3. Nick – Wee1 Tactical

Gun Fights!


cool switch bro

Aaron’s Alley

Ballistic Shields yes, but would you carry a ballistic buckler? 

Going Ballistic


5 Canadian made pistol barrels from Vince H

Usually I’ll bag on the cast but today it’s the listeners’ turn. I didn’t write a funny ass review to show up and have no fucking competition. Bunch of lazy ass twat waffles can’t be bothered to show up here and give their worthless opinions. Like y’all have anything better to do? Shawn slaved for minutes to put all this together. You don’t deserve to have Jeremy read exactly what you say regardless of what you meant. You don’t deserve to be ridiculed for your inability to string half a fucking thought together. Go pound a beer, hoist up your sweaty jock-straps, and fix yourselves…lazy fuckwits.

Five Stars from HMP/Garrett

You had me at the moviephone part, but it just kept getting better from there. New listener, I dig it.

5 stars from the mad fister

Five raccoons shot in the face at point blank range with a 6.5 creedmoor. An extremely entertaining podcast with a very knowledgeable group of guys. Being in Coloradoan myself, Shawn feels my pain. If these guys were all magically turned into a gun, what would they be. Jeremy, his Rock chucker. Loud, obnoxious and massive Overkill. However extremely useful on communists. Shawn, a Cobalt kinetics AR. competent, well-made but kind of niche. Aaron, a Kel-tech KSG. Weird, not terribly popular, they have some serious issues but fun. Nick Lynch, an FN SCAR. Definitely the one you want around when shit hits the fan. Savage, an AK because communism. You guys have gotten me through some rough times and I appreciate your podcast. It affects people in ways you don’t know. It’s like being with a group of friends you can just bullshit with and forget your troubles for a couple of hours. Keep doing what you do and we will keep listening.

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