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We Like Shooting 460 – Funny quips

Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 460. 

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.

Gear Chat 

  1. Shawn – Desert Tech 22 chassis
  2. Jerambe –  New varmint gun needed.
  3. Nick – Meta Tactical Carbine Conversion Kit

Gun Fights!

Most Infringiest of gun laws?



Going Ballistic

Summarize / Editorialize / Go to the cast for comments  

  • WE. FUCKING. WON. NYSRPA is basically Christmas for the 2a. There is no more interest balancing tests (right vs government interest that were being used by lower circuit courts) when it comes to the 2a. All future cases must be ruled on using the metric Text, history, and tradition.
    • Some form of carry MUST be permitted (all states are now shall issue) – Dred Scott
    •  the Second Amendment protects the possession and use of weapons that are “‘in common use at the time.’” – Miller/Caetano.
    • Thus, even though the Second Amendment’s definition of “arms” is fixed according to its historical understanding, that general definition covers modern instruments that facilitate armed self-defense. – Miller/Caetano.
    • Reiterated ONLY specific time/place/manner/prohibited person restrictions – McDonald.
    • “If blacks were citizens, Taney fretted, they would be entitled to the privileges and immunities of citizens, including the right “to keep and carry arms wherever they went.” – Dred Scott
  • California is setting up another big loss of a lawsuit by working towards denying people based on “Ideological viewpoints.”
  • More citizens carrying firearms lowers homicides in Brazil by 34%.

Jeremy  Reads 

 Sleeperific: 5 rectangles. 

The cast of the show is like a sub. Nick is the salami, he’s a little dry but got some good flavor if you let it sit in your mouth a while. Aaron is the ham, when on point is a great addition, but can get slimy and ruin the whole thing. Savage is the banana pepper because a little bit is great but too much is overwhelming and you end up tossing it out. Jeremy is the tomato only because I know how much he would hate being compared to a fruit. Shawn Is the white bread holding it all together. All in all an excellent combo. 10/10, would smash again.

The Waco Kid:

Giving this show 5 squares, just like the five square meals K-A-a-ron eats daily. So thinking of this show as a breakfast, Shawn is the eggs. I may pepper him with insults until he gets salty, but you can’t have the show without him. Aaron is a tomato slice, because who ever wants that around? Nick is grits, a perfect vehicle for anything substantial and goes well with anything. Jeremy is biscuits with gravy – the best part of the meal whether you love him or hate him, and Savage is obviously milquetoast. Been listening for years, and hope to keep listening and watching live for years to come.

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