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We Like Shooting 439 – How many car batteries can a horse carry

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Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 437. 

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, Savage1R, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.

Gear Chat 

  2. Shawn – AREX Delta L Gen 2 / Coban (vet tape) for guns / mp5
  3. Nick – Desert Tech Quattro-15


Winter camping, anyone ever do it?

Going Ballistic

  1. Leaked ATF Documents Regarding Forced Reset Trigger Confiscations
  2. ATF Continues Hunter Biden cover-up
  3. Schumer wants ATF Secret Police
  4. Boomer scammed by con-man – oh wait, Front Sight scammer gets scammed
  5. ATF closing the amish loophole
  6. ATF publishes timeline of possible modifications to the 2nd amendment
  7. ATF has 1 billion gun records in a database

Jeremy  Reads 

Five Squares: 

Alex W


First, let me just say im leaving this because Kaaron lost his shit on the last episode. Five squares. This is one of probably 4 or 5 podcasts that I actually listen to on a regular basis. Also one of I believe only two podcasts that I listen to every episode. It’s like listening to a group of friends sit down to shoot the shit. Shawn (because he’s too much of a commoner to spell it the classier Sean) is the friend that’s annoying and overly self important but you keep him around because of the value he adds to the group in spite of himself. Nick is the quiet friend that everyone forgets about until he either says something really intelligent or incredibly inane and everyone in the room goes “Wtf?” Aaron is the friend that knows Jack shit about what he’s talking about (he would drive the four cylinder dodge neon with flames on it because it “looks fast”) but is a blast to be around because he can’t handle a serious conversation and has to say something stupid to lighten the mood. Savage is…well, Savage is. Finally, Jeremy is the true hero of the show and the reason we all keep coming back, hungry for more abuse from our lord of hate. But seriously Jeremy’s wealth if knowledge about firearms both old and new is, I believe, one of the most overlooked and underappreciated parts of the show. Keep up the good work.

 Five Hammer and Sickles

Good evening Capitalists.


Show is wonderful. I discovered capitalist gun podcast after Soviet Space Station I was aboard went through electrical storm and killed everyone except me. I found myself circling planet far different from world I come from. With no contact with Soviet Space Center, and no trust for capitalist America, I discovered podcast while searching internets. Internets in capitalist world very different than Soviet world, and I discovered the YouTubes. Show got me through almost two years alone on Soviet Space Station until orbit began to decay. When that happened, I was forced to use escape capsule and risk living as Soviet Communist in Capitalist America. I have succeeded in making life for myself, and have you and wonderful show to thank. If not for show, I may have eaten Tokarev on Soviet Space Station.

Thank you for saving life, and please continue to bring joy to Soviet Cosmonaut who does not belong in this world.


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