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We Like Shooting Double Tap 270 – RIP Shawn

Welcome to Double Tap, episode 270 your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!

#Hot Seat

  • Shawn has died, what are things you bring to the funeral


Dan C: Can yall have Aaron do a segment where he pretends to be a 911 operator and you call him with fake emergencies to see how well he can do the job?

Vince H: Greetings fellow degenerates! I know most of the cast’s opinions on steel body armor, but what about using a steel back plate with a ceramic/poly front plate for a little bit of cost savings? There are some fairly inexpensive level III+ plates out there and it seems to me that spalling would far less problematic from behind(hehe). The Premier Body Armor Spall liner also seems pretty good if you want extra protection.

Also, what thickness of Swiss cheese is the equivalent to level IIIa body armor? Asking for a friend. #allcheeseismissionspecific

Alex W: What are some good resources for learning to shoot better at long range? I’m not looking to get into pro or anything like that. Just want to be able to shoot farther with my hunting rifle.

Bradley C: Only because of Jeremy, I purchased two BCG’s from White Label Armory. Who do they OEM for, if you know?

Second: building a 9mm PCC AR. Do I need a different buffer/spring or can a standard rifle buffer/spring work? Build is an Odin Works upper on an Aero M4E1 lower, 9mm with a 16 inch barrel.


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# It’s time to play – Family Fudd


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