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The Rob Pincus Podcast 009- Training v. Practice and Gun Makers Match

What’s the difference between practice and training? In this week’s Training Segment, Rob explores the difference and why both are important, but why the terms are not interchangeable. 

Next in the Politics Segment, Rob talks with Edgar Antillon about Guns For Everyone and Guns for Everyone National. Edgar runs free CCW training in Colorado and is actively involved in the National GFE organization. As you can expected, free training runs against the belief of some trainers, but Edgar believes training should be available for anyone who wants to know how to safely handle firearms. The local sheriff has attempted to block the training, but has backed down facing the prospect of losing the legal challenge. Listen to this discussion on free training!

Edgar Antillon

Finally, Rob recently participated in a Colorado Gun Makers meeting and match. In today’s extended episode, Rob talks with three different builders while they assemble their 80% kits about why they were there, what they think about building their own weapons and why they find it important.

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