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TLP 531 – Kalash Of The Titans: Kalashbash TX 2024 Recap

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast: Lefty has Klay Owens (aka @klayco47), organizer of the largest AK-47 themed shooting range event Kalashbash TX 2024, to fill us in on this years festivities. Joining Lefty and Klay to give all the behind-the-scenes and after-rangeday-shenanigans are a few of the attendees: KBTX multiple attendee, Tracy Lee (@TracyGuns); First time attendees, Ashley Smith (@officerashleysmith) and Evan Floodman (@floodmunitions). Also joining in is everyone’s favorite tattooed culinary whiz-kid and famous Auction Hunter, Ton Jones (@tonjonesofficial)