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In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast: Lefty travels to Texas, south of Fort Worth to visit Ton Jones and the gang at Firebird Targets. A few episodes back Lefty challenged Ton to a Firebird Targets’ “Kabloowey Club Challenge” by shooting a string of 10 or more FB targets back to back (not stacked) with one shot. We talk about the set up for the challenge, the shot and future challenges. Lefty also brought a cooler full of Whiskey River Beef steaks for Ton to cook only the way Ton can cook so of course we talk about that. We also talk about a couple of .22lr firearms Ton built, some may say “over-built”. Plus we talk about the helicopter flight, Jackwagons and Heroes. And we announce the winner of the LEO Takedown giveaway, all in this episode.