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TLP 529 – AK KORNER S6 Ep4: AK Magazines – Baked, Waffled & Slabbed

In the April edition of the Talking Lead AK KORNER presented by Pioneer Arms Corp USA – A brief history and evolution of the Russian AK-47/74 magazine. Slab-sided, spine-stamped, side-stamped, aluminum, waffle, flat-back, AG4 (Bakelite) we talk about them all. Joining the conversation is Marco Vorobiev (Author, Historian and former Spetsnaz Soldier) and CJ Johnson (Author, US Tank Commander and President Pioneer Arms Corp USA). We start with the first AK 47 and 74 magazines and work our way to the modern day polymer versions. Plus we answer your questions and giveaway a Pioneer Arms Corp USA one-of-a-kind AKM GROM under-folder in .22lr