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TLP 527 – The Southern Border, First-Hand: SSG Dooley & SGT Waylan

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we talk about the U.S. Border, specifically the southern border’s of Arizona and Texas. Staff Sergeant Nick Dooley (The AR-15 Podcast) and Sergeant Austin Waylan tell us about their first-hand-accounts during their service at the U.S. Southern Border. We discuss the difference between Title 10 Orders (Federal) and Title 32 Orders (State).

Staff Sergeant Nick Dooley has been in the South Dakota ARMY National Guard for 23 years. He was deployed to Iraq for 18 months during the Iraq Invasion 2003 -2004. Nick’s was assigned to an attachment with the Customs & Border Protection at the Arizona Border (2021-2022) under Title 10 Orders

Sergeant Austin Waylan has 4 years under his belt with the Texas ARMY National Guard. Starting with the (12C) 12th Charlie Bridge Crew Member as an Engineer, Austin was assigned to Operation Lone Star (2021-2022) in the Uvalde, TX border area and then assigned to the Texas Tactical Border Force boat teams (2022-present) under Title 32 Orders

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