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Everyman’s Arsenal Episode 10: From Ranger to Rig Master: Building Armor with Javlin Concepts Founder

Buckle up for a deep dive into resilience and innovation with Boston, the Founder of Javlin Concepts and former 1st Ranger Battalion member. In this episode of Everyman’s Arsenal, Jason from Thin Line Defense Co. sits down with Boston to explore his journey from elite soldier to pioneering plate carrier designer.

Dive into:

  • Boston’s experiences in the 1st Ranger Battalion and deployments
  • Leaving the army and building Javlin Concepts from the ground up
  • The unique design process behind Javlin’s cutting-edge armor
  • How Boston manages stress with an unexpected hobby: Lego building!

Join Jason and Boston for a conversation about pushing boundaries, overcoming challenges, and crafting tools that keep everyday heroes safe. This episode is packed with insights, inspiration, and a surprising twist you won’t want to miss!