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This Week in Guns 7/9/23 – Important Legal Developments, Philadelphia Happenings, & Much More

Hello everyone and welcome back to This Week in Guns, brought to you by Patriot Patch Company, VZ Grips, MAF Corporation, 4 Patriots Food and Primary Arms. This show offers commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz. I’m your host Matthew Larosiere and I’m joined by the high ratman.

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One of the Most Important Parts of the GUn Debate: When do We Look?

The Notable Philadelphia Las Vegas that Wasn’t

It’s a fascinating story, involving dieties and demands of the city government, which the city government naturally acquiesced in the most bizarre ways possible.

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Are we on the downward slope of the murder spike?

Minor Issue with Polling: Americans Don’t Like Admitting they have Guns


BREAKING: Florida Streets Not Ankle-Deep in Blood After Permitless Carry Becomes Law

The NRA did a Whoopsie Oops and use code FRN to get 10% off.

With a Whimper, The Frame or Receiver Rule Dies For Now

Finally, the Rahimi Case

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