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This Week in Guns 426 – One of the Dumbest Weeks of All Time

Hello everyone and welcome back to This Week in Guns, brought to you by Patriot Patch Company, VZ Grips, MAF Corporation, and 4 Patriots Food. This show offers commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz. I’m your host Matthew Larosiere and I’m joined by the high ratman.

>we are not talking about the las vegas, or the war

ATF’s Pursuit of Larry Vickers

VZ Grips: ThisWeek15

Dallas Gun Turn-in Event “Buyback” Resounding Success for Private Buyers

hilarious report about how guns are all marketed to children and tobacco or something


The Battle over California’s Salt Wepon

Zenith ZF-56: Which one of you Asked for This? to see the current deals just for you.

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Oral args in NJ Bruen response law

New York City Gun Laws Ruled Unconsitutional

Patriot patch Co. TWIG10

The Smith & Wesson Response is intensely dumb

Illinois started tracking the caliber of all ammo sold, then stopped when people started asking questions about it