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This Week in Guns 415 – The Membership Wars, State Coalitions, and Show & Tell

Hello everyone and welcome back to This Week in Guns, powered by Second Amendment Foundation and brought to you by Patriot Patch Company, VZ Grips, MAF Corporation, 4 Patriots Food and Primary Arms. This show offers commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz. I’m your host Matthew Larosiere and I’m joined by the high ratman.

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Three Injunctions Now Block ATF’s Pistol Brace Ban, Protecting Members of Three Gun Rights Orgs

I hope one day we’ll look back fondly on the great membership wars of ’23. All the tweets, all the confusion. Still, now there are injunctions in 3 different pistol brace cases, applying to members of SAF, GOA, and one other organization. It remains an open question whether the injunctions apply to all members, or only those who were members when the lawsuits were filed. With the judges in these cases resistant to use the federal judicial power to enjoin ATF nationwide against all Americans, they were limited to plaintiffs. Still, where some organizations don’t maintain official member rosters, it seems the result now may be a de facto nationwide injunction, as was the concern in the first case. This is fascinating, and we personally expect a nationwide injunction to come soon. Recall these are preliminary injunctions, as the actual injunction hearing is scheduled for the Fifth Circuit. Expect more to come as well.

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Federal Switchblade Act Under Fire

Lights, Camera, Uzis: The History of Hollywood’s Uzi Love Affair

Some guns just plain sit in the meta, where even your mom knows their name. Many of these guns, like the uzi, are actually true irredeemable garbage. But this recount on how the Uzi rose to prominence on the silver screen is definitely worth a read.


Montana & North Dakota Join States Blocking Gun Tracking Codes

City of Portland Supports Gun Control Ahead of Mag Ban Trial and use code FRN to get 10% off.

Florida: Loading and Carrying a Firearm on Private Property is Not Deadly Force

This story’s headline is kind of misleading, and reflects a common misunderstanding in gun law. In this case, a Floridian had a dramatic (read: very Floridian) encounter with a tree cutting crew who would not leave his property. He was charged after openly carrying his firearm while asking them to leave. The question on appeal was not whether “deadly force” was used, as it obviously was not, but whether Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law should have been applied. Still, this manifests a common misunderstading: we often hear people shout about how the use of a firearm is “deadly force,” for example, in the oft-repeated theoretical: “if a dog attacks mine, can I defend it with my gun?” we often see people mis-apply the maxim “you can’t use deadly force to protect property.” This misses two marks: one: deadly force is not its mere brandishing, but requires it, you know, firing (or whipping). Two: even when fired, deadly force cannot be “deadly” against another piece of property, it can only be “destructive.”

SAF: For nearly 50 years the Second Amendment Foundation has been fighting for your Second Amendment rights. Having been involved in over 250 cases, and an active litigation load of over 40 lawsuits, SAF has the expertise and experience necessary to fight government overreach and challenge unconstitutional bans. SAF… winning firearms freedoms one lawsuit at a time. To learn more or donate, click the link in the description.

ATF really be back at it again with the weedsnitching

Senate Passes Bill to Effectively Ban New Pistol Sales in California

I’m not sure whether it’s desperate flailing or actually suicidal, but California is poised to make the “not unsafe” handgun roster even more absurd as restrictions on handguns are being struck down nationwide. A new bill which passed the state senate would mean no firearms without microstamping technology could be sold by licensed dealers in the state after July 2027. It’s a bold move. Stupid, but bold. Let’s see how it plays out for them.

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