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This Week in Guns 405 – Baldwin’s Back & Discussions on Human Rights

Alec Baldwin Charges

The prosecutors who decided to bring criminal charges in the fatal shooting of a cinematographer said Mr. Baldwin should have ensured his gun was safe. Also talk about THE GUN

Is NRA Raiding its Museum?

Columbus, OH Bans Mags Amid Preemption Fight

A Fairfield County judge on Friday opened an opportunity for the City of Columbus to enforce its recently passed gun limitations that have been embattled by a lawsuit.

VZ Grips: ThisWeek15

Florida Supreme Court Upholds Fines for Gun Bans

Florida lawmakers can fine local government officials who attempt to restrict gun and ammunition sales under a state law upheld by the state Supreme Court

Judge Blocks Illinois Salt Weapon Ban

Enforcement of Illinois’ gun ban has been temporarily suspended for the 860-plus individuals who sued the state


The Family of the 6 year old who shot teacher speak up

The family of a 6-year-old Virginia student who police say shot his teacher inside his classroom in early January is now speaking out, saying the firearm the child brought to school was “secured” and that they are praying for the teacher who was struck.

Florida Teacher Arrested with Gun Was being “Watched”

A Royal Palm Beach Community High School teacher who police said brought a loaded gun and knife onto campus Thursday said “he was being watched through his phone and was being listened to,” according to a newly released arrest report.

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