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This Week In Guns 389 – Even Vice Doesnt Like It

Hello everyone and welcome back to This Week in Guns, brought to you by Patriot Patch Company, VZ Grips, and Primary Arms. This show offers commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz. I’m your host Matthew Larosiere and I’m here with my co-host Shawn.

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Another Pincus Stincus

Rob has done a gun makers match, at a cop range, with a signup sheet with everyone’s full names, and then ran off one of the top performers right ahead of the award ceremony.

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The New ATF Director Mr. Smith John

Biden found a boring guy to put in the empty spot.

Georgia Succeeds, and Nebraska Fails to Join Carry Club

Mr. Georgia signed the paper, but Mr. Nebraska was bad.

Of Course, The Frame or Receiver Rule
Even vice says it’s dumb.