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This Week In Guns 388 – Do You Like Guns Cool We Can Be Friends

Hello everyone and welcome back to This Week in Guns, brought to you by Patriot Patch Company, VZ Grips, and Primary Arms. This show offers commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz. I’m your host Matthew Larosiere and I’m here with my co-host Shawn.

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Washington State Mag Ban to Take Effect

The socialist rifle association fittingly put together a helpful pdf for Washingtonians.

San Francisco Journalist is Totally a Gun Owner

In his account of being stopped by men upset at his bumper sticker, the journalist recounts drawing his glock.

ATF Rule on 80% Receivers Slated for April

According to a NYT report, ATF plans to have its rule on unfinished frames out in April of 2022.

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9th Circuit Takes Up Review of Pandemic Gun Store Closures

After an exceptionally spicy review of the pandemic store closures, the 9th circuit is en banc rehearing the case that found them unconstitutional.

“Smart Guns” Enjoy Massive Support, Allegedly

Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

The Trace Reveals Inefficacy of San Jose Gun Insurance Law

Doing the smallest touch of investigative journalism, the trace reporting lizards have sunned themselves upon a warm rock of truth.

Moms Demand Action now Back the Blue