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The Rob Pincus Podcast (007) – SHOT Show Interview with Mike “Ox” Ochsner

In today’s episode, Rob kicks off immediately following the conclusion of the 2022 SHOT Show.  Rob sums up some of his observations. Next, in today’s Politics and Gun Rights segment – brought to you by the 2nd Amendment Organization, Rob takes a what some may think as a controversial position on in the Mandated Gun Training. Is this good or bad? You’d think a leading defensive arms trainer would welcome State mandated training to own a firearm. Listen to Rob’s position and consider your own. Your voice is needed in this discussion.

Then in the Training segment of the podcast and from the floor of SHOT SHOW, Rob talks with Mike “Ox” Ochsner, about ‘neurological-based training’ and his newly released book, Real World Gunflight Training. Mike’s approach takes traditional training and drills one step further and incorporates how the brain learns (vision, balance, and hand-eye coordination) to accelerate training adaptation. 

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You can find Ox’s book wherever you buy books or directly from his website:


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