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The Rob Pincus Podcast (004) – Startle Response, Holster Preferences and Advocacy at the Personal Level

In today’s episode, we kick off what will become a semi-regular feature on the podcast, questions on training tactics, politics and other areas of personal defense. Today, podcast producer, Jeff Ott steps out from behind the soundboard to ask Rob questions on:

  • The importance of the ‘Startle Response’ Rob introduces in all his training. Why is it important, how it is used and what the student gains from adding this to their training routine
  • Holster preferences. There are many different types and makes of holsters available. What is good and what isn’t for the person interested in carrying a pistol.
  • Personal one-on-one discussions on the right to carry can be difficult. What is the best approach in engaging others who may not understand or are perhaps, frightened of guns.

These are topics every gun owner needs to consider. Jeff will be back on future episodes to ask Rob question including yours. Submit your questions from the Rob Pincus Podcast website.

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