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The Rob Pincus Podcast (003) – Counter Ambush Training and Grass Roots Advocacy

In today’s episode, Rob talks in depth about Counter Ambush Training methodology and in the politics segment, how you can best represent all gun owners following a mass shooting tragedy.

How can you best train for defensive situations? Does dry-fire practice have a place in Counter Ambush Training? What about the “Mozambique Drill” – Two to the body, one to the head? Is that practical? Is it useful? Why is the Balance of Speed and Precision drill a better option? 

If you are interested in firearms training for defensive use, this is an important topic for you.

In the Politics Segment, Rob discusses how can you best represent fellow gun owners following a mass shooting incident. Rob explores this challenging and often emotional discussion with an approach when discussing the balance between gun restrictions and the Second Amendment rights. 

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