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The Peak 016 – Rughi The Weapon Snatcher

Today we are talking to Rughi, the “weapon snatcher” from the viral video that has been circulating social media where you can see him grabbing a rifle from the hands of a rioter in downtown Seattle. We have had to redact some information to protect innocent parties.

Rughi describes the scene in Seattle and the intense moments leading up to the now-infamous weapon grab. He unpacks a bunch of details that many people may not have known before – including where the rifle on his back came from, and the shots that were fired just before what we see in the viral video. He also discusses what it was like last night in Capitol Hill near the closed East Precinct, and what went down last night in Seattle.

Rughi is a dedicated weapons enthusiast who talks about his daily carry, training and dry fire, as well as the business he is working on and a product he will be releasing in the near future. He talks about @firewatchofficial, an Instagram account he’s created to share stories from military, law enforcement, and first responders.

For those who are interested in supporting Rughi, he directed us to the GoFundMe he’s established to help launch his new business venture: You can also find him on Instagram at @_shooter_rughi_. To find where he had his gun stippled, check out Instagram’s @red_bear2018. The VERTX Commuter bag discussed in the podcast is now available at Rainier Arms: