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The Peak 011 – Hilton With 10-8 Performance

Hilton Yam

This week on the Peak we are joined by legendary 1911-smith and owner of 10-8 Performance: Hilton Yam. Hilton is a retired FBI Special Agent

For those who aren’t familiar with Hilton he is a retired FBI Special Agent, the owner of 10-8 Performance, and an absolute legend in the world of 1911s.

I want to talk about your background a little bit – I know you have over 21 years in the Miami Field Office, I know you have overseen the Team’s 1911s, I know you’ve been an active IPSC competitor – Obviously you’ve been a busy guy, I’m sure our listeners would love to hear your story and how 10-8 Performance came to be.

How did the M&P and Glock parts come about?

What do you think the number one thing people who own 1911s should be aware of from a self-defense/duty perspective?