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Men and women who are “gun people” are often asked questions about how to choose a handgun. This question may be phrased in different ways, i.e. “What’s the best handgun for home defense?” (or self-defense), “What do you think the best concealed carry gun is?”, “What’s the best handgun for women?”, or just “What’s the best first handgun for a new gun-owner?”. Those are variations of the same question. That question really ought to be is, What’s the best handgun for me? One size does not fit all. Anyone that tells you otherwise is selling something.

In this podcast, we discuss a few important things to consider when you’re looking for the best handgun for home defense, or best concealed carry gun, for you. Reliability is a big one. There are plenty of handguns out there to choose from, so how can you know which ones are actually dependable? This is a crucial point, considering your life or the lives of your loved ones might hinge on your choices.

We also cover the important issue of seeing past the marketing to figure out who you should actually listen to. Smart handgun shoppers learn to sift through the abundance of glossy ads and superficial reviews, making preference instead for the advice of thorough and experienced end-users. Those are the folks who understand just how important their advice is, and they’re responsibly invested for your benefit.

Listen up and get some pointers on how to go about your search for the best handgun. Towards the end, we touch on a few guns that we like and don’t like, and why. But don’t just go there, the overarching message here is about the guideposts: is it field-proven and reliable? Does it fit your hand so you can reach the controls? Are you listening to good advisors?

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