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The Gun Collective 089 – So You Want to Reload?

Welcome back to The Gun Collective podcast. My name is Jon Patton.
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Tonight we are going to cover a topic that has been requested for YEARS. I’ve never covered it because quite frankly I don’t know enough to cover it properly. HOWEVER, we have a guest that will help us do just that and you may guess from his website. Our guest tonight is Gavin Gear from and we are going to sort of walk through what it takes to reload and what you should be looking for when considering your own set up.


  • – Covid on the west coast
  • – intro to reloading – why?
  • – press types
  • – die types/brands
  • – component selection

Gavin’s Notes:

  • – High-Level Thoughts
  • – We’re a community: you’re not in this alone.
  • – Don’t freak out, prepare for next time (I know I am)

Getting started reloading:

  1. Equipment
  2. Components
  3. Skills and knowledge

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