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The Gun Collective 080 – Gundies, Awards for Gun Influencers?

Welcome back to The Gun Collective podcast. My name is Jon Patton.
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Tonight we are talking joined by the creators of The Gundies, Will and Ben. The Gundies are awards for gun content creators and tonight we are gonna talk to them about what the heck all of that means. They have categories like most likely to survive the apocalypse, brand most involved in the community AND influencer of the year… ooooo that’ll be fun.


  • – Tell me in 30 seconds what the gundies is all about
  • – Where did the name come from
  • – What are the categories
  • – Who was nominated
  • – How do folks get nominated or nominate their favorites
  • – Is this just an email grab?
  • – What do you want to accomplish
  • – Why does this exist

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