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The Gun Collective 076 – Guns on Social Media w/Chuck Rossi

Welcome back to The Gun Collective podcast. My name is Jon Patton.
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Tonight we are going to spend some time going down the rabbit hole of being a gun guy on social media in 2019. We are constantly fighting to not be silenced and de-platformed and shadow-banned. Its bonkers really. Our guest tonight is someone that has close personal experience with the inner workings of the largest social media company in the world. Facebook. He is the former director of engineering at Facebook and he now has a new project called Open Source Defense with the slogan, 100% gun rights, 0% culture war. We are joined tonight by Chuck Rossi !


  • What was it like working at Facebook as a gun guy
  • Inside man – helped gun brands
  • FB tips/tricks
  • Why did you leave FB
  • How do we change the landscape and is that possible?
  • Serial number database?
  • Open Source Defense
    • -What is it?
    • -Who is your audience?
    • -What do you hope to accomplish?
    • -Culture not politics
  • Thoughts on emerging tech like 3D printed guns

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