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Talking Lead 520 – AK KORNER S6 Ep1: The AK From Radom, Pioneer Arms Corp

This season of the Talking Lead AK KORNER is presented by Pioneer Arms Corp USA. Lefty and Marco Vorobiev ( Author, Historian, former Soviet Spetsnaz Soldier) are back for our 6th Season of AK-47 “leaducation”. To kick it off the guys are joined by CJ Johnson (President of Pioneer Arms Corp USA) and Michael Michalczuk (Founder / President of Pioneer Arms Corp Poland). We cover a lot in this episode; The history of PAC, Michael’s strong military family history, we address some common PAC manufacturing misconceptions, discuss details of their updated manufacturing processes (forged vs cast front trunnions) and quality control, we discuss the new 1:1 AKM in .22lr, the PMR63-c, PPS43-c plus we answer listener questions. And we announce four (4) PAC firearms will be given away to AK KORNER listeners this season plus SEAL 1 and Mission First Tactical are back to add to the prize packages each month!

Radom, Poland was founded in 1340, the city is famous for its small arms production. In 1998 Michael purchased a portion of the old Circle 11 factory to produced high quality Greener-style double barrel side-by-side with exposed hammer shotguns for cowboy action competition. Pioneer Arms Corp. USA was established January 2, 2001. Pioneer Arms Corp. Poland was established November 18, 2002 by the owners of Pioneer Arms USA. In 2004 Pioneer Arms Poland moved to the facilities of the former Circle 11 factory. At present time Pioneer Arms owns two buildings located at former Circle 11 plant, with over 50,000 sqft.

All manufacturing is completed in the Circle 11 Plant in Radom, Poland by many of the original employees from the previous Circle 11 operation. PAC acquired complete sets of the original technical specifications documents of Kalashnikov firearms produced by the Circle 11 Radom Factory, including AK-47, AKM-47, AKMS-47, Tantal (AKM variant in 5.45×39 caliber), Beryl 5.56×45, PPS-43, PM63 and others, with rights to produce these weapons. All 922r compliance and assembly is done by Pioneer Arms Corp USA.