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Talking Lead 519 – The New KELTEC Sub2000 Gen3 Carbine

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast: Kris Hammer with KELTEC joins Lefty and Ton Jones (Firebird Targets) to talk about the new Generation 3 straight blowback Sub2000 9mm carbine. KELTEC has improved the Sub2K by adding new quick “twist-fold-lock” action to it’s legendary folding carbine. The trigger has been improved with a metal trigger and the front and “folding” rear sights have been eliminated to make room for you to add your favorite iron sights and/or red dot. Listen in for all of the upgrades. Also joining this episode is Prentiss Holt owner of Whiskey River Beef to announce the winner of the WRB $100 Gift Card!

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