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Talking Lead 512 – Combat Dive Knife Pro: Buck Knives’ Buckmaster 2.0

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast: We talk about the rebirth of the old Buck Knives‘ Buckmaster model 184 and 185 to the new Buckmaster Combat Dive Knife Pro (CDP) model 084. Nearly 40 years have past since the first Buckmaster hit the market which was made insanely popular by the Rambo: First Blood movie.

Joining Lefty to talk about the history of the Buckmaster and the development of the CDP are: CJ Buck, CEO and Chairman of Buck KnivesRichard Neyman, Historian, Author and Developer: Commander DT Coulter, “SEAL” United States Navy Retired and Developer. Commander Coulter’s 55 year journey to finding the Ultimate Dive Knife has led to the development and production of the new Buckmaster 2.0 Combat Diver model 084.

Talking Lead – The new Buck Knives Buckmaster 2.0 Combat Dive Pro Knife. CJ Buck; Rich Neyman; Commander DT Coulter; Lefty