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Talking Lead 510 – Range Day Madness Recap

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast: We recap the highlights of our visit to the IraqVeteran8888 (IV8888) annual range day eventLeftyEvan (@floodmunitions) and Danny (Dip-Stick Branding) talk about all the cool guns, gear and peeps we ran into during this exclusive invite only Range Day in Georgia. Bersa’s new 1911MEAN Arms’ new 9mm baring delay upper, loud-ass 50bmgs, cannons, amazing steaks and more. We also talk about elephantsalligators and Brawndo (It’s got what plants crave)! Plus we announce how to win one of the new Talking Lead Logo Tee-Shirts from Dip-Stick Branding.

Talking Lead – IV8888 Range Day 2023