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Talking Lead 509 – AK KORNER S5 Ep9: Bayonets

In this month’s edition of the Talking Lead AK KORNER: Chaaarge! The feared Bayonet. The “Bayonne dagger” aka “bayonet” began it’s life as a small hunting dagger in the late 1500s, a century before it evolved into the the edged weapon placed on the muzzle of a rifle. Guest experts this episode: Marco Vorobiev (Author, Historian & Former Spetsnaz Soldier); Paul Markel (Author, Host: Student Of The Gun & Former USMC) & Rich Neyman (Author: Buck 184 Buckmaster and Buck Phrobis 188 M9 Bayonet Authorized Histories).

We start off with a little history of the Bayonet, as used for military purposes (the 1600s to modern day), and as we continue the guys share personal stories of using Bayonets during their military careers and share information on Bayonets in their personal collections. We field listener questions and one lucky listener will win a signed copy of Rich’s M9 Bayonet book!