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Talking Lead 508 – Jim Shockey: “Call Me Hunter”

In this special episode of the Talking Lead Podcast: The Greatest Big Game Hunter and Conservationist of all time, Jim Shockey joins Lefty for a very personal and intimate conversation about his new book CALL ME HUNTER, the recent passing of his loving wife, his Hand Of Man Museum in British Columbia, his life full of adventures and much more.

Before we get into talking about his new book, CALL ME HUNTER, Jim shares some loving memories of his wife Louise Shockey including a funny story that involves a famous mustached 1980’s actor that drove a red Ferrari.

CALL ME HUNTER25 years in the making, Jim Shockey’s debut into the fiction mystery/thriller novel world is a bullseye! Jim talks with Lefty about how a life full of adventure, international art collecting and world traveling lead to this mind boggling, interactive work of art.

Next we get into some great hunting stories and strange encounters that Jim experienced during his extensive World travels. One story may or may not involve a Sasquatch. Plus we get a hint of what’s to come from Jim’s next bookhis TV shows, his Hand Of Man Museum and much more!

Jim Shockey on the Talking Lead Podcast – Call Me Hunter