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Talking Lead 503 – AK KORNER S5 Ep8: Saiga-12 & VEPR-12

In this episode of the Talking Lead AK KORNER: AK Shotguns! Author, former Spetsnaz & historian Marco Vorobiev along with Paul Markel (Student Of The Gun) and Evan Floodman (Firearms Enthusiast & Star of Ultimate Marksman) join Lefty to bring you another look into the history, features, magazines and little known facts about shotguns based off the proven AK-47 design. In addition to discussing the obvious Izmash Saiga-12 and Molot VEPR-12 we discuss some Chinese (Catamount) and Turkey (Tiaga) made shoties and a little know Italian Berretta Pump/Semi box-fed shotgun. Plus we answer listener questions and award some cool prizes form Mission First Tactical and SEAL 1.

Talking Lead AK KORNER Season 5 Ep.8 AK Shotguns – Marco Vorobiev, Paul Markel, Evan Floodman & Lefty